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  • Don't let human theories or any other theory thwart your belief in a God.  The Bible doesn't try to prove God.  What we have in this 3-dimensional space and time is strong inference ( "To derive as a conclusion from facts or premises"). 
  • Everything in the physical creation (EVERYTHING) points to God.  I call them signposts.  So deep down in the inner person, we know He is, because if we follow the signposts deep and far enough God is the beginning.
  • The empirical side of us (see, hear, touch, taste, smell) wants ultimate proof - like Mulder in X-Files wanting final proof of extraterrestrial existence and their conspiracy with government.  Mulder never discovers incontrovertible proof even though it stares him in the face in every episode.  Something always pulls Mulder away from what he knows to be true.
  • In a similar way, something in this world is pulling us away from belief in God.  This something waters down our belief, so we are left with doubt in God.
  • We are made of two parts: empirical man (5 senses) and spiritual man. The empirical man is separated from the spiritual man.  Our spiritual man assumes belief in God, but our empirical man wants proof.  But proof is what we can't attain in this life.
  • This lack of ultimate empirical proof is one of three barriers God erected when human beings failed the test, and chose autonomous self over God.
  • For us to maintain real personal belief in God, there is something we have to factor in.  I call this factor the faith algorithm. 
  • The faith algorithm is simply a language that bridges the gap between empirical man and spiritual man.  This language interprets the data that our 5 senses inputs, and the output (the result) is "true" truth the way God originally intended.
  • We can totally trust the faith algorithm because it is from God.  That doesn't mean we can answer every question known or unknown to man.  It means we can trust God to answer everything, including why God allowed us to fail the original test, and where did God come from.
  • Think of all of us being like Indiana Jones.  Every artifact in the world is hidden from us.  The artifacts are everything that exists in the physical cosmos, everything from the subatomic particle to the supercluster of galaxies and everything in between. It even includes human words, thoughts and ideas.
  • These hidden artifacts are the signposts.  Like Jones, we must follow the trail where the signposts lead.
  • But the signposts can't be interpreted by empirical man because the five senses give faulty interpretation.  Empirical man doesn't take into consideration the spiritual man.
  • The faith algorithm takes into consideration both parts of man and interprets the signposts revealing the true order, symmetry and meaning of life. 
  • Ultimate meaning is this mathematical formula:
  • God is rightness.


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