We would like to borrow a concept from the late Rod Serling.  It is the word SIGNPOST.  But instead of a signpost to the Twilight Zone, our signpost will point to MEANING
Signpost is a great word.  It is a symbol or sign pointing to something else.  The signpost doesn't point to itself for that would be absurd leading to nowhere.  The signpost points to an ultimate place and destination outside itself.
In the computer world the icon points to a software program which provides a certain function: click on the icon and Microsoft Word opens.  The icon isn't the software itself, but simply signposts to the software.  The icon by design points to something larger than itself. 
Our mission is to discover the signposts to meaning.  What are the signposts to meaning?  The analogy of the jigsaw puzzle illustrates the point. 
Any single piece of jigsaw puzzle fits into place within the big-picture.  It can be a piece of sky, a piece of ocean or perhaps a piece of earth.  Alone the jigsaw piece loses its meaning.  Not until fitted inside the big-picture does the piece reveal its meaning.        
Are human beings piece of the big-picture? If the jigsaw pieces point to the big-picture of meaning, particulars to universals, matter to form, hardware to software, brain to mind, and stars to galaxy; what do homo sapiens point to if anything? 
Modern man and woman, we argue, unconsciously search for order, symmetry and meaning with every word, thought and action.  But what is meaning?  What is the big-picture?  That is what Technoprophecy is all about. 
Think of every word of Technoprophecy as part of a sentence as part of a paragraph as part of a chapter as part of a story.  Words like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle create the big-picture of the story wherein the story's meaning unfolds for the reader. 
Everything that makes up the cosmos (total theoretical number of atoms in the universe = 1 X 1079 atoms) is a subset of the big-picture pointing to meaning.
A signpost therefore points to something bigger than itself.  That something in turn points to something even bigger until it finally points to the fundamental something - the big-picture called meaning.    
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