• MONDAY, JULY 6, 2009 8:30-8:37 A.M., TULSA, OKLAHOMA

    • Deep in thought on my morning drive to work (ask me sometime what I was thinking about), I'm startled to see five parabolic shaped clouds in front of me in the west north west.  I try to snap a shot with my cell phone camera as I'm driving, but have to wait until I stop at a light.  By the time of the first picture there are four clouds in the sky.  You can just make out the fifth cloud above the topmost cloud. 

    • At the stoplight, I snap a second picture, then at another stoplight a third picture.

    • More of the parabolas seem to be dissolving, but quickly form again.  I arrive to work and there are now two clouds left when I click the fourth pic.

    • However, a third parabola begins to form as the final fifth pic reveals...

    • I clock into work at 8:37, and return outside to see the parabolas gone - the normal clouds having taken over.

    • The fascinating experience lasted about 6-7 minutes.

  • Former Tulsa meteorologist Jeff Lazalier gives an explanation click here...

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