• August 17, 2005, 5:45PM

  • While watching three Mississippi Kites (hawks), which had seemed to appear out of nowhere close to our house for the past several days (maybe 2 weeks), I observed an unknown object flying from south to north. 

  • The craft was pure white, and moved subtly.  My first thought was that it was like a piece of cotton floating, and that my perspective of the object wasn't correct. 

  • The object seemed to follow behind a passenger jet.  However, I couldn't determine whether the UFO was flying higher or lower than the jet. 

  • My perspective of the object never synchronized. 

  • Because the hawks have been unusual near our house, I have been trying to take photos of them.   As I was following one hawk in my camera lens, the bird seemed to lead me to the white object. 

  • Since my first sight of it was through the lens I thought it was a piece of flying cotton.  Taking the camera away from eye I pinpointed the object.  I realized it wasn't cotton. 

  • Then I realized it was moving in the same direction and behind a jet.  I centered the object in my 200mm zoom lens and focused to infinity. 

  •  I snapped two pictures.  The object was fuzzy without a form I could discern. 

  •  At that point I ran into the house for my binoculars.   When I made it back outside the object was gone.
  • Four years after the incident, I finally had the negatives copied to CD.  I was able to magnify the object to reveal a high flying airplane reflecting the summer sunlight.
  • I learned that psychology plays a significant role in our perceptions.

  • At the time of the sighting, I had been reading John Keelís, Mothman Prophecies.

  • Though this sighting was an IFO, there were other anomalies occurring around me during that period that I can't explain empirically

  • I learned not everything we experience can be explained with our senses and technology.

  • The empirical man gropes for ultimate proof, but never sees it.  The spiritual man sees ultimate truth, but never proves it.

  • What is required to bring meaning is the factoring in of the faith algorithm. 

  • The faith algorithm is the language that bridges the gap between empirical man and spiritual man.   





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