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  • The cosmos is many things: a blade of grass, a star, the moon, DNA, a cup of coffee, a living cell, gold, a galaxy, earth, an atom, time, a beetle, water, a book, a woman, language, an idea, C60, hate, DW40, a church, a shoe, a flower, fire, an icosahedron, a baseball, love, space, a hat, good, electromagnetism, bread, butterfly, evil, music, pizza, a computer, a quark, a nebula, everything else...

  • These uncountable things in the cosmos are PARTICULARS.

  • Like the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are a SUBSET of the picture on the front of its box, particulars are a subset of the BIG-PICTURE the cosmos.

  • The subset points to a LARGER REALITY.

  • The particular points to the universal, giving the particular MEANING.

  • Earth's sun is a star closer to the edge of the Milky Way galaxy than its nucleus, and is a subset of this galaxy.

  • The Milky Way galaxy is a subset of the Local Group, the galaxy cluster of some three dozen galaxies.

  • The Local Group is a subset of the galaxy supercluster known as the Virgo supercluster. 

  • Superclusters like tattered patterns of ribbon are the final largest structures in the cosmos.

  • Beyond the supercluster and the boundary of cosmos is the God algorithm.

  • The God algorithm began with "Let there be light!" giving final meaning to the cosmos.

  • We call the pattern of subset pointing to the larger reality of meaning a SIGNPOST

  • Particulars are signposts that point to meaning, but particulars possess no AUTONOMOUS meaning in and of themselves.

  • QUESTION: Why does any of this matter???

  • ANSWER: We are programmed to resolve meaning!!!

  • That is our purpose...


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